• “This feels like being inside an arcade game but outside.” - Alex - Baseball coach

  • Most rewarding part of Jake’s experience was just being outside doing the activity, being motivated to do it.” - Jenny - Mother of 10 year old boy

  • “It’s good to play with your kids. Bonding might be the wrong word, but kind of like that. All 4 of us will come out to play with it. Target game is the one we play the most. That’s kind of the family game.” - James - Father of boys aged 9 and 11

Gaming Baseball Reviews  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

  • “It's very much a skill building activity... I consider it practice without practicing. He doesn’t even know he’s practicing. It makes me feel wonderful. I can see him out there enjoying it, getting better, and it makes me feel so good” - Mother of 11 year old boy

  • “Having the right weight is important so it doesn’t throw you off when you’re using a real ball.” -Youth Baseball Coach

  • “This makes baseball fun for kids and it is so competitive.” Dad of 6 year old boy

  • “For me, it’s seeing a child that’s motivated through play and naturally gaining skills through playing the game.” - Youth Baseball Coach

  • “It’s better than a regular baseball because it actually has games.” - Dad of 9 year old boy

  • “Competing against other people is important because you can push yourself.” - 12 year old boy

  • “Helps you learn what you need to work on more than things that you’re doing well.”

  • “I love how it feels like a regular baseball.”

  • “I got this for a friend's little brother and he LOVES it! It's a great outdoor toy for him and his brothers to use.”- Lucky - Verified Buyer

  • “…Great for younger kids to like the idea of collecting points and making it more of a game as well. It’s great that there are no subscription fees.” - Hearn - Verified Buyer

  • “Honestly I never write reviews, but this thing is awesome. My son, who’s 7, is constantly on the move. He got this as a Xmas gift and has been nonstop playing with it. The names the app gives you are hilarious and he loves competing against others.” - Laura Giering

  • Probably the best product I purchased for my family this year! This product surprised all of us once we realized we were in the park hours later than planned. I highly recommend it!

  • “I got this for a friend's little brother and he LOVES it! It's a great outdoor toy for him and his brothers to use. It has a speed display but the function only works if you download the app. I would think most people plan to use the app for games and such anyway. It's a great way to play outdoors or to gameify practices and find some new motivation. They haven't experienced any bugs worth noting with the ball or app and it still works well after having 3+ little boys use it on a regular basis. Very cool toy/training tool. I hope this info was useful.” - Verified Buyer

Jumpgames Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • “My boys love the JumpGames. I'm addicted to it too. Great fun!” - Dad of 9 and 11 year old boys

  • “My son and daughter love jumping on the trampoline with their friends. But now that they have JumpGames, they try to beat each other's score. They are at it all the time!” - Mother of 8 year old boy and girl

  • “I've tried a lot of games for my kids, but this one is by far the best! They can jump for hours and never get bored. They are active, playing together, and having fun.”

  • “It's like being inside a game, but being outside in the real world!”

  • “My kids love this. Their excitement to jump every day after school is contagious. I like that the app keeps track of their progress and gives them a target to achieve each day. An amazing way to motivate them to be active!”

  • “We bought it for our kids and they're crazy about it! They are always outside jumping. It's brought out a side in our kids that we have never seen before. It's like they have a new best friend! It's nice to see them get some fresh air and exercise.” C. Webster - Verified Buyer

  • “I give this game five stars for two reasons. First, it's easy to use, and I like the fact that it rewards you for being active. Second, it's fun enough that my little daughter uses it as well as my teen son. He's just obsessed!” L. Davis - Verified Buyer

  • “Very nice trampoline game to play with the kids. They wear this device and it keeps track of how many jumps you do, what types of jumps you do and gives you a score at the end. Each kid plays to try to get a high score or jumping and doing tricks. My son and his friends absolutely love this game. It's amazing!”  - Brandon Lanham

  • “Wow what a cool games and jump counter for trampoline play! When you open your JumpGames box you will find a battery, stretchy ankle strap and it has to use their website from your phone for it all to work. After you put it all together you wrap it around your ankle and it will sync up to your phone and there you will see trampoline games and competitive games to play with friends or all by yourself for personal goals. This is a high quality product and works as such and is not only for kids. Actually it is a fun adult gamer jump counter and games as well. I am looking forward to using it soon and I am in my fifties 😊. I would highly recommend this trampoline ankle game to friends and family and you of all ages!! Great product and a good value and fun game. Also the games are jumping competitions and also it will tell you to do twirls and all kinds of ways to do tricks and your phone will keep track of all of it. Love this product and can’t wait to use it here soon now that the weather is clearing up. Super fun!!” - KariH

  • “Our trampoline saw a lot of use for the first couple of years, now it only gets used occasionally. Not anymore, though. Use this to gamify time on the trampoline. It not only encourages the kids to use it, but also to really get some good physical activity in. Even better than pedometer challenges on kid watches, you compete against other kids, and have lots of different challenges you can choose from. This is really a great addition to your trampoline. Makes physical activity more fun.” J&S

Smartball Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

  • “This ball is just amazing. My son is clearly way more active and eager to go out and play! And the best part is that he asks us to play with him. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.” - Mother of 13 year old boy

  • “It's like being right there in the game; you can hear everything that is happening.” - Per, 12 years old

  • “It works like a video game, but keeps them physically active non-stop for hours! It's been a huge hit bringing this ball home.”

  • “In addition to keeping my daughter entertained, I can see she is developing skills as she keeps returning to the ball every day. Long hours on the couch are a thing of the past!”