Privacy Policy

Playfinity AS makes physical games connected to the mobile phone. Meant to activate children and youth in the age group 8-100 years, for outdoor play and fun.

To create an engaging and user friendly experience, we have built in fuctions that lets you do things that require us to store information.

In Playfinity, we work hard to make our product safe and secure for all who are using it. Therefore, we do not collect personal information, such as: phone number, e-mail address, name etc. Neither do we collect IP address, MAC address on phones etc.

1. Friends

To be friends in Playfinity, you must have played in the same physical game, or sent an invitation to a friend to who you have the contact info (phone number or e-mail address). This invitation is not sent through Playfinity's servers, and Playfinity is not storing any personal information in this process.

All players have a unique Playfinity-identifier. When you have played together with another, your identifiers are connected so that you become friends in Playfinity.

When you are friends in Playfinity, you can send challenges to each other

2. Audience mode and near-by scores

When a game starts, you can choose to activate "Audience" or "Near-by scores". This is not mandatory to turn on. And by default this is turned "off".

If you turn it on, your location is sent to Playfinity's server together with the score from a game. Over time you can check how your score stand out in your "neighbourhood" (and not only compared to the whole world).

If a game has "audience" mode, others who also has the app and are within near proximity of the game, can find your live game that you are currently playing.

Audience will experience live sound effects, points and game-events, to their phone. You do not need to be Playfinity friends to see each other in audience mode.

When activating "audience", the game that starts will:

- report the location of the current game to the server, to let

- audience in immediate proximity to be able to find the game and start "audience" mode, that can find the game from the reported location.

This to be able to film the game with sound effects and points on the film.

The film is stored only on the device camera roll.

Data responsible

Playfinity AS is responsible for the processing of privacy information

What personal information is processed?

Playfinity does not collect personal information such as: phone number, email address, name, etc. Not IP address, MAC address on phones, etc.

The user can voluntarily enter a nickname that must be unique in Playfinity. This nickname can be changed at any time, as long as the new nickname is available.

The user can voluntarily give a name to the game console. This name is permanent and can not be changed.

Playfinity asks for location data when you allow for "audience mode", or if you are audience that wants to experience a game going on in the immediate vicinity. Or when you enable "Neighborhood Score".

When it comes to Android, we must ask the user for location data also to enable Bluetooth radio. But we do not use location information for other than audience mode.

Where do we collect the information?

The Playfinity apps sends the information encrypted to a Playfinity server when the user starts a game. The game configurasjons are sent to the servers. If «Audience mode» is enabled in the app, the configuration sent to the server will contain the position of the telephone.

In addition we are using Google Firebase to send push notifications to friends. Firebase collects anonymous user statistics and crash information for the apps. With this information we can see how many users that are playing in each country.

Is the information given voluntarily?

Yes, the information of nickname and game console name is given voluntarily. You can play the games without entering this information. You will get a warning first time you enable audience mode or neighborhood score. The apps will request you to approve the use of location services. You can play the game without giving this permission but some features will then be disabled. 

Will the data be shared with 3rd parties?

No, the data will not be shared with 3rd parties.

How will the data be deleted?

Since we don’t collect and information about our users we have no routines to delete data connected to nicknames.

How is the data secured? 

The collected data can only be accessed through encrypted interfaces.

We have put significant effort into scrambing the data in the transport to the server.

To access the encrypted data an advanced key is required.

Contact information

Playfinity AS have no possibility to delete information about a nickname. The reason is that we do not collect any information about the user of the nickname. We do not want any of our users to loose any data if other users request the user data to be deleted.

Changes to this declaration will be updated in our apps. If you want us to send any changes to our declaration, please register at

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this declaration!

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Playfinity AS

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