From idea to engaged consumers and growth

Your Sports Technology Partner

Playfinity partners with activity brands to gamify core skill exercises into fun activities, enabling you as a partner to engage users and grow markets.

Playfinity provides technology, resources and know-how to enhance products with a digital experience.

Playfinity supports all development steps from idea to finished product as well as maintenance and support.


A Reliable Partner 

"With Playfinity we have a partner who has become an integrated part of our business"
Olof Eriksson, CEO
North Trampoline

Why Gamify your Products?

Gamifying your products is a game-changer for your company and your users:

Benefits for your Company

  • Product differentiator in the market
  • Brand Recognition
  • Media Coverage
  • User Engagement platform
  • User insight tools
  • Engage User Community
  • Proven technology platform
  • Fast time to market
  • Low risk

Benefit for Customers

  • Unique and fun experience
  • Build core skills through play
  • Compete with the world
  • Challenge friends and players
  • Fun at home and on the field
  • Safe - No personal data collection

Benefits for Coaches

  • Focused and effective core skills workouts
  • Motivate players of all skill levels
  • Measure overall team improvements
  • Compete online with other teams
  • Stress management skill training

One-stop Shop

Playfinity have the resources and know-how to gamify your products:


Playfinity has designers, engineers and suppliers to develop your product compatible with the playOS, either from scratch, or as an add-on to your existing product line

App Development

Playfinity app-developers, UX & GUI designers creates your app and will maintain it through it's lifetime.

Your company name will be the publisher of the app in the App Stores.

Game Development

Playfinity has acquired unique experience and knowledge within creating fun and engaging games on the playOS.

Play has always been the core passion for the Playfinity team

Product Design

Playfinity has a broad resource base of design skills covering:

  • Product design
  • GUI-design
  • Graphic design
  • Packaging design

Usage Insight Tools

Playfinity provides partners with valuable insight into aggregated usage data:

  • User behavior
  • Days of week
  • Time of day products are used
  • Effect of campaigns and challenges.

NOTE: Playfinity do not collect personal user data. Privacy is a key value for us

User Engagement

You get a communication channel to your customers and can inspire and trigger behaviour.

The games automatically sends push alerts. In addition, an app manager can manually initiate and send messages to players.

User Testing and Feedback

Playfinity constantly tests games and functionality as part of the development.

Playfinity can also assist in collecting user feedback for optimizing experience after launch.

Back-end Services

Our programmers and functional architects, together with the technical infrastructure, playOS, can provide for a series of specially designed functionality for you as our partner