With JumpGames from North Trampoline, you turn your trampoline into an outdoor gaming destination. Play alone, with your friends, or challenge yourself against the world as you level up and improve your score.

No setup required, just strap the award winning activity tracker from Playfinity around your leg, press the button, jump and you are in the game.

It’s all in the sound! Awesome sound effects, commentary and music will get you jumping like never before. It's like being inside a game, but being outside in the real world. Jumping without sound will never be the same.

Every jump counts, so get ready to experience your trampoline like never before!

Live Jumping games

LIVE GAMING - Just jump, and you are in the game. Every jump is counted with height and rotation data, to give you live feedback. It is a live game with you as the hero. Your rank is updated for every 100 jump and you get feedback when you are moving up.

COUNTS AND MEASURES - The games counts your jumps, measures your rotation and grab angle as well as heights, airtime and flip detection.

MANY GAMES - There are many game styles to choose from, from performance games like 60 second high, where it is all about the total height you have jumped to. Crow, where it is you acrobatic skills that will take you to the top. Play for fun or climb the global ranking.

Play with your friends


MULTIPLAYER - To make jumping even more fun you can add up to for players for your local jump challenge. Take turns jumping.

CHALLENGES - Join jumpers from around the world in new challenges that will test your jump skills and stamina as you climb the ranking.

PROFILE - Create your own nickname, add an avatar and follow your progress on total jumps and world rank.

Create your own games

GAME BUILDER - You know what is fun! So we added an easy to use game builder so you can create your own games. Decide what tricks gives score and how many points you get or loose, then decide what will end end the game. Give it a cool name and let the action begin. Your new game is added to your games list.

SOUND MIXER - You're in the game with the live gaming sound, with sound effects, music and cool commentary. Get your sound just right mixing all of them individually. The higher you jump the more the music intensifies. Pause jumping for a few seconds and you change music track.

RECORDER - Swipe up during a game and you can record all the action straight to your camera roll. Capture real time with live sound, sound effects and live score.

Play against the world


WORLD RANKING - Now you can see where you place amongst all the jumpers in the world. Every jump counts in the global jump ranking. Climb the levels and follow your standing by week, month and year. Every game also has its own ranking.

EVERY JUMP COUNTS - The games count every jump, measure the rotation and grab angle as well as height, airtime, and flips.

NOTIFICATION - Keep your notifications on and get the full JumpGames experience, follow your standing and get invites to new cool challenges and games.

Safe Jumping

PRIVACY AND SAFETY - We care about your privacy, that is why we do not ask you to share any personal information to have fun. No emails, no phone numbers, just play. Make up your own profile name and off you go! We only collect non-personal system data, to make the games better. Jumping can be risky so make sure to follow safety guidelines for your trampoline.

HARDWARE - To measure what you are doing on the trampoline you need the cool JumpGames gear. The Playfinity smart activity tracker with a North Flex Band to wear around your right foot ankle. Built for harsh conditions, this is the tracker for active gaming. Powered by a standard battery for up to 80 hours of jumping. Automatically goes into sleep mode to save power, so after a break, activate your smart activity tracker. Water resistant.

UPDATES - With Playfinity you get a future-proof hardware, all updates happen automatically over the air through your app.

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