Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. Download the Jump League app from AppStore or Google Play
  2. Insert the battery in the Playfinity sensor
  3. Start the Jump League app and follow the instructions
  4. Place the sensor in the FlexBand and mount it around your right ankle
  5. Press the button on the sensor
  6. Start jumping!

Upgrading the Sensor

The sensor can be upgraded from the Jump League app

When a newer version of the software is available a red arrow will show 

The upgrade will take 30 seconds (iOS) to 2 minutes (Android).

The sensor will be ready for jumping after the upgrade.

If the upgrade process stops, restart the Jump League  app and press the button on the sensor.


Bluetooth Troubleshooting

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled in phone settings, Android phones also require "location services" enabled

  • Do NOT connect to the sensor in the settings menu
  • Playfinity is supported on the following phone models
    • iOS version
      • iPhone 6 or newer
      • iPad with iOS 11 and higher
    • Android version
      • Most models on Android 7 and newer
  • Make sure the phone have access to internet at first time use

Some Android models do not support upgrading of the console, but normal operation is still working

Most common Bluetooth problems can be solved by restarting the phone

Sensor Troubleshooting

Check if the console lights up when the button is pressed. Note that the light may be dim and hard to see in bright daylight

  • If there is no light
    • Is the battery is placed correctly(+ sign visible)?
    • Replace the battery, make sure a quality CR2032 battery is used, CR2025 batteries will not work
    • If the sensor takes a hard hit the battery spring may need to be lifted slightly (1-2 mm) using a sharp object
  • If the light is blinking, but no jumps are detected
    • Check the Bluetooth Troubleshooting section above
    • Remove and reinstall the battery
  • If two lights are blinking
    • Start the Jump League app and wait for the the "rescuing the console" text to appear