Playfinity teams up with Right To Play Norway To Unite Forces for Empowering Kids Through Play

Playfinity teams up with Right To Play Norway To Unite Forces for Empowering Kids Through Play

In a world where play holds the power to reshape lives, Playfinity proudly joins hands with the Norwegian branch of Right To Play (RTP Norway), a beacon of hope for children facing adversity. The organization operates globally, targeting areas grappling with poverty, conflict, and limited education access. They're present in the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Pakistan, Jordan, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique and Senegal.

This alliance with our Norwegian fellows aims to harness play's transformative potential for children facing challenges. Together, our dedication is to create positive impacts in the lives of marginalized youth.

Our commitment goes beyond words. For every purchase made through RTP Norway's website or on ours using the following codes we will donate 10% to 20% of the total purchase price.

  • Use code PLAYNOR10 for a 10% discount and a 10% donation.
  • Use code PLAYNOR20 for a direct 20% donation.

These codes represent our commitment to contribute to this important cause, ensuring children's learning, growth, and development.


“Together, we hold the transformative power to create meaningful connections and inspire lasting change in countless kids' lives”

 - Pippa Boothman, CEO of Playfinity.


Now, let's dive into our conversation with Vilgunn Kronstad, Partnership Manager at RTP Norway, to unveil the depth of their mission and the shared aspirations that unite our organizations.

Vilgunn, could you give us an overview of RTP Norway’s mission, vision, and a brief history? How does RTP aim to empower children through the transformative power of play?

RTP Norway shares the global mission and vision of Right To Play. Our focus is to utilize play as a tool to protect, educate, and empower children and youth, helping them overcome the challenges posed by poverty, conflict, and disease. Through collaborative efforts with partners, we implement play programs in communities facing disadvantages. By incorporating sports and play into learning, our goal is to promote social inclusion, enhance life skills, and improve the overall well-being of children.

The role of youth activity and play is evident, but could you elaborate on why it's crucial for RTP Norway? How does empowering children and youth through play align with your perspective?


Photo: Right To Play


Promoting youth activity and play is at the core of what we do. We recognize play's transformative power in shaping children's lives. Beyond personal growth, it's about fostering resilience in communities. By involving children in sports and play, we not only nurture self-confidence and leadership skills but also create an environment for healing and building resilience, particularly in challenging situations.

It's truly inspiring how play instills such qualities, and it absolutely resonates deeply with us! What's on the map for the future?

Our aim is to reach more and more communities and scale our programs. Collaborating with local partners, governments, and stakeholders is key. Our approach aligns with other Right To Play entities, and we're united in working towards a common goal. 

We’d love to hear some success stories or initiatives that hold a special place for Right To Play Norway! Stories that highlight resilience and growth, perhaps?

There are numerous stories that hold a special place in our hearts, but one of the most heartwarming and impactful is the journey of Madiha. She embodies the essence of what we aim to achieve through our programs at Right To Play Norway. 

Madiha, a 22-year-old from Thatta, Pakistan, has been a symbol of transformation and empowerment for girls in her conservative community. In a society where girls are often confined within traditional boundaries, she stood firm against societal norms. She introduced a football program that offered girls a rare opportunity to come together, play, and celebrate in public. Growing up in Thatta, where access to education for girls is limited, her father's encouragement allowed her to attend school and ignited her love for football. When a Right To Play football program was introduced in her town, Madiha's reluctance turned into passion, leading her to become a Junior Leader, guiding and inspiring other girls.


“I never thought to play any sport as it was against the norms of our society. But when I started taking part in games, I felt more positive, and I became more confident.”

- Madiha



Madiha during the launch of the Rostan Rastay program in 2021.       
Photo: Right To Play


Her journey was fraught with challenges. In a community where girls' involvement in sports was unheard of, she faced skepticism and threats from within her own community, even her own family. Undeterred, she persisted, determined to create opportunities for girls to excel. Her dedication paid off as the threats gradually subsided, parents began to support their daughters' participation, and Madiha founded six girls' football teams. Her resilience and strength not only shattered stereotypes but also made her a role model for girls in her town.

Madiha's impact extended beyond the football field. She joined the Roshan Rastay program, using sports and play to reintegrate out-of-school children and instill life skills like confidence. Her ambition truly knows no bounds – she envisions establishing the first girls' football club in the history of Thatta, a free academy where girls can learn and thrive. Through her unwavering determination, Madiha is rewriting the narrative for girls in her community, empowering them to embrace their potential and stand strong against adversity. We can’t be more proud!

You can read more about Madiha here!

What an amazing inspiration! Thanks for sharing her journey with us. Alongside these remarkable stories, collaboration and support play a pivotal role. How have these aspects contributed to overcoming challenges and extending Right To Play Norway's reach?


Photo: Playfinity


Collaboration with partners and support from donors are game-changers. Partnering with local organizations and communities enables effective program implementation. Corporate, foundation, and individual support magnifies our impact, expands reach, and raises awareness about play and children's rights.

The strength of collective effort is clearly evident here. Vilgunn, what motivated Right To Play Norway to partner with Playfinity?

Playfinity and Right To Play share a mutual understanding of play's life-changing potential for children, families, and communities. We're thrilled to have Playfinity onboard, supporting our mission to empower children through the power of play.


"Welcome Playfinity – let’s play for change together!"

- Vilgunn Kronstad, Partnership Manager at RTP Norway


And you? Ready to join us in making a meaningful impact? You can do so by purchasing a Playfinity product on RTP Norway’s website or ours, using the codes PLAYNOR10 or PLAYNOR20. It will bring the fun of active play to the children in your life while also contributing to transforming the lives of those who are more underserved.

If you want to learn more and support this great cause, visit them at

Together, we strive to create a world where children not only dream but also flourish through the universal language of PLAY!

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