Playfinity partners with Mudsock Youth Athletics, an example of an organization committed to 'free play'

Playfinity partners with Mudsock Youth Athletics, an example of an organization committed to 'free play'

In the heart of Fishers, IN (US), lies a story of community, dedication, and a steadfast focus on nurturing children through sports and play: Mudsock Youth Athletics (MYA). 

At Playfinity, we strive every day to inspire the youngest generations to get off the couch, embrace active lifestyles, and engage in sports. However, we also recognize that today's kids live, breathe, and thrive in a world immersed in technology. That's why our journey revolves around engaging them in physical activity through the language they know best: gaming and technology.


 "This collaboration, supporting a local community, holds a special place for us. It's an opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of our partnership on the lives of many kids. And that is exciting!"

- Pippa Boothman, Playfinity CEO


With our core principles aligning so seamlessly, it's evident that our paths were meant to intertwine. We are truly happy to announce this partnership with such a kindred organization, Mudsock Youth Athletics (MYA).


Mudsock Youth Athletics: A Legacy of Passion and Purpose

Since its inception in 1987, MYA has been more than a youth sports organization; it's been a cornerstone of the community. Founded by a group of volunteers with a vision for youth sports, MYA's mission has transcended time. Starting from humble beginnings in a small, bedroom community to the vibrant Fishers of today, MYA has been unwavering in its dedication to providing recreational and competitive team sports opportunities that promote character development, leadership, and physical fitness.  

As an exemplary organization committed to ‘free play,’  they installed free play equipment boxes (think of the little free library concept) in some of Fishers’ largest parks and green spaces. The idea was to provide families access to equipment like footballs, soccer balls and kickballs, that they did not have on their own or had forgotten at home. Fantastic idea! The concept was simple: use it and return it once you finish playing. “In the summer of 2023, we expanded our free play mentality by providing a free summer activity kit to the families who receive free or reduced lunch from our school district,” said Beth Lawrence, Assistant Director of MYA. The kit included a 10” rubber ball, jump rope, cones, chalk and a booklet full of fun activities to encourage the kids to stay active throughout the summer break.

As some of the biggest supporters of the youth in their community, their mission and their duty (as they say) are to inspire as many kids to lead active lives as possible. 

"We aren’t trying to make better athletes; we’re trying to make better humans”

– Scott Spillman, Executive Director of MYA

Spilman emphasizes “Youth athletics provides countless life lessons and can make a significant impact on the overall development of a child.”

This profoundly resonates with Playfinity, as we believe in the transformative power of active play and sports for kids and youth to grow healthier and happier. 


Our Partnership

Through this collaboration, we'll provide MYA with our active games designed to encourage active play among children and youth by blending technology and gaming with sports. 



With inactivity on the rise and kids dropping out of sports at an early age, we believe our active games will be a great addition to support MYA's commitment to youth athletics in the Fishers community. 

Together, we aim to make a bigger impact on the younger generations by encouraging them to enjoy the benefits of active play and sports, fostering not just healthier bodies but also happier minds.

“We’re excited to partner with Playfinity and continue our commitment to providing free play initiatives in our community,” says Spillman. “Playfinity provides our families with another way to engage in athletic activity outside of our traditional team sport structure. We know our players will love participating in the in-app games with their teams and in the backyard.”

We are sure the future holds boundless possibilities for this collaboration. Let's keep the play rolling and the active fun going strong together!


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