Transforming Lives Through Play: Playfinity Partners with Right To Play Canada And Expands Global Impact!

Transforming Lives Through Play: Playfinity Partners with Right To Play Canada And Expands Global Impact!

We are proud to announce that Playfinity is teaming up with the Canadian branch of Right to Play (RTP), a dedicated global non-profit organization on a mission to protect, educate, and empower kids! This partnership represents a significant stride in our journey to create a positive impact on a broader scale. Just as our collaboration with the Norwegian office does, it aims to harness the profound influence of play in the lives of children facing marginalized circumstances. 

Together, we want to help these superheroes learn, thrive, and have the best chances at personal development! So we are committed to donating 10% to 20% of all purchases made through RTP Canada's website or when using the following codes on ours:

"With this new alliance, our shared commitment to nurturing positive change in the lives of children through play is strengthened and enriched, all with the sole purpose of shaping a brighter future for kids and youth."

- Pippa Boothman, Playfinity CEO.


    Curious to know more? Join us as we delve into the story behind this partnership and the incredible work of RTP Canada in transforming lives through play. We had an inspiring talk with Allison, Manager, Communications and Marketing at RTP Canada.


    Allison, tell us a bit about the history of RTP Canada and how it’s been empowering children through the transformative power of play.

    Right To Play is a global organization that protects, educates, and empowers children to rise above adversity. We work with children in some of the most difficult places on earth, helping them to stay in school and graduate, to resist exploitation, and overcome prejudice, to prevent disease, and to heal from war and abuse.

    We reach millions of children each year in 15 countries around the world. By collaborating with teachers, governments, communities, and parents, we help children unlock their potential, enabling them to make positive and healthy choices and create better futures for themselves, their families, and their societies.

    Promoting youth activity and play is clearly central to RTP Canada's mission. How does this align with RTP's global vision, and what unique impact does it have on the communities you serve?

    Promoting youth activity and play has been vital to RTP as an organization as it has been ingrained since its founding in 1994 by the Norwegian Olympic athlete Johann Olav Koss.

    For more than 20 years, we have delivered programs with impact in both development and humanitarian contexts. As pioneers in a unique approach to learning, both inside and outside the classroom, we harness play, one of the most fundamental forces in a child’s life, to help children dismantle barriers and embrace opportunities. We are the only global development organization focused exclusively on using the power of play to transform children’s lives.


    Photo: Right To Play


    At RTP Canada, we fundraise money for programs that help children globally as well as the Indigenous populations in Canada who face many hardships. By providing these children with the opportunities they deserve, they can discover new passions, enjoy being a kid, and empower themselves to stand up for themselves, their families and communities.

    As we see, RTP Canada's programs reach both globally and within indigenous communities in Canada, addressing a diverse range of challenges. Can you share a specific success story or initiative that exemplifies the impact of your work, especially within the context of Indigenous populations?

    Sure! I will highlight one story about an indigenous youth in the PLAY program. The PLAY program was launched in 2010 with its main goal to increase employability and improve educational outcomes, peer relationships, and physical and mental health among Indigenous children and youth in Canada. One of the events held in 2022 through the PLAY Program was a 3-day hockey clinic hosted by MLSE and Right To Play. During that clinic, Indigenous youth could learn new hockey skills and bond with other members of the community.


    "I learned that I am brave, caring, and confident." - Rose


    Rose participating in her community's Right To Play after-school program.         
     Photo: Right To Play


    Rose, an 8-year-old girl from a close-knit community in northwestern Ontario, was initially shy and nervous but quickly made friends through various activities like typing, cooking classes, and origami. With the support of the program's youth worker, Caleb, Rose's personality began to blossom, and she became more outgoing, leading activities and helping with cleanup. In December 2022, she attended a hockey clinic hosted by MLSE and Right To Play, where she showed bravery by improving her skills on the ice and caring for her friends. Today, with numerous friends in the program, Rose aspires to become an elementary school teacher in the future. You can read more about Rose here

    It's inspiring to see the Canadian branch of RTP and us coming together to empower children through play. What motivated RTP Canada to embark on this partnership, and how do you envision it supporting your mission?

    Right To Play is super excited to have a cause marketing partnership with Playfinity as we strive towards the same goal; to see kids empowered and able to learn and grow through the power of play. Both organizations are play-oriented and believe in the power of play to transform lives. In addition, it will be very beneficial for RTP to get some fresh ideas and new perspectives on how to increase our reach and impact.

    As O. Fred Donaldson said, “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.” This powerful quote holds significant power when explaining this collaboration between two play-based organizations. We have come together for this initiative over a common goal and aim to make a great impact on kids and youth.

    As we wrap up our conversation, Allison, we're also interested in hearing about any upcoming events, campaigns, or initiatives RTP Canada is preparing. Is there something exciting on the horizon?

    Certainly, as we look ahead, one exciting highlight is RTP Canada's Biggest event, the Heroes Gala, scheduled for September 27 in Toronto. This gala unites corporates from across Canada, who generously sponsor tables and enthusiastically attend. The Gala also serves as a platform to celebrate three remarkable heroes: a corporate hero, an athlete hero, and an indigenous hero within the community. And here's an extra nugget of excitement: we'll have a Playfinity station featuring some of your active games to add an interactive and enjoyable element to the evening.

    In addition to the Gala, RTP Canada is gearing up for two other fantastic fall events. We're collaborating on an October gran fondo bike race with the Playmakers, and we're thrilled to announce that the Toronto waterfront marathon has chosen RTP as its official charity recipient in 2023.


    Photo: Playfinity


    " Right To Play and Playfinity are both committed to using the power of play to ignite a lifelong love of learning in every child."

    - Susan Vardon, Executive Director of RTP Canada.


    RTP Canada helps support global efforts across 15 countries, including over 70 indigenous communities in Canada, including in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. So if you want to support this great cause, purchase a Playfinity Active Game on RTP Canada's or our website using the codes PLAYCAN10 or PLAYCAN20.

    You can help transform a kid’s life while giving the kids in your life endless hours of active fun!


    If you want to learn more and support this amazing cause, visit them at

    We are excited to start this PLAY-tastic journey together!

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