SmartBall Team Case
SmartBall Team Case
SmartBall Team Case
SmartBall Team Case

SmartBall Team Case

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The SmartBall Team Case is the product for clubs that want to add a new dimension to handball training.

In combination with the Handball app, the Team Case is perfect for turning exercises that may initially seem monotonous, to games and contests that engage handball players of all ages.

In the sturdy case you get Speedy balls which with a diameter of 98 mm,  a good size with focus on throwing and catch technique.

In collaboration with Sander Sagosen, the Norwegian Handball Federation and clubs, Playfinity has developed the first SmartBall solution for children's and youth handball.

The solution can also be used by schools in e.g. physical education classes.

Smart Ball SmartBall

Included in the package

  • 1 Sturdy suitcase
  • 6 Playfinity Smart Activity Trackers
  • 6 Playfinity Speedy balls
  • 8 Batteries
  • 4 sets of tools
  • Theft Protection - All Smart activity trackers registered on the team