Playfinity Gamifies
your Team Workout

Sander Sagosen - Great through Play

I joined the Playfinity team because the joy of playing has a crucial role of being successful in any sports. If it is not fun, it is difficult to motivate oneself to become really great.

The combination of smart technology, play and training is what fascinates me with Playfinity.

When I was young, my friend and I had a ball with us all the time, made new games and threw everything. If I had a Playfinity ball I would have worn it out!

Gamify the Team Workouts

The Playfinity Team Play app combines smart technology, games and exercises to create the stunning concept of Team Play. It is developed in cooperation with the world's best handball player, Sander Sagosen, and the Norwegian Handball Federation to make handball exercises more fun, engaging and to improve technical skills for players of all ages.

The unique Team Play app allows live tracking of up to 6 Playfinity Balls simultaneously. The app tracks performance and provides feedback to the players through speakers.

What can the SmartBall do?

The SmartBall tracks throws, catches and misses. It also measures speed, height, airtime, and tempo.

Combined with digital rules in the Team Play app the SmartBall opens up the possibility of multiple exercises for improving critical skills.

The SmartBall and the Team Play app is continuously upgraded and improved. The upgrades are performed automatically from the Team Play app.

The Coach: The kids are thrilled!

  • The players are more focused and able to assess their own performance.
  • The players stay motivated and repeats the exercises more than ever.
  • The competitive elements gives all players stress management training.
  • As a coach I get more time to study the players technique.
  • The size and feel of the ball is perfect, easy grip for all players and they can focus on the skills .

The Players: One more time, please!

  • The competition make boring exercises fun!
  • It is encouraging to see the results and improvements after each round.
  • The sound effect and feedback gives us the feeling of being inside a game.
  • Stop talking, play more time, please!!!

The SmartBall at Workouts

Games/Exercises: Select games/exercises focused on throw and catch. The videos in the app explains how to complete the games. More games are coming.

Live game view: Connect up to 6 balls simultaneously to play or compete together. The phone keeps track of score of all balls with live tracking. The coach or one of the players can easily control the game from the phone.

Score and rogress: Keep track of the score for each team in the app. The progress tracker shows improvement in all skills through the games. The progress trackers provides instant feedback to the players and is a good starting point for focused feedback from the coach.

SmartBall Party

For the best Playfinity Team Play experience you can connect your phone to an Apple TV to see live score with cool music and sound effect on the big screen with loudspeaker system.

This is perfect for break entertainment during matches or events!!

We use it ourselves for our own events and demos!

Recommended Playfinity Products

SmartBall Team Case is the product for clubs that want to add a new dimension to handball training.

In combination with the Handball app, the Team Case is perfect for turning on exercises that may initially seem monotonous, to games and contests that engage players of all ages.

In the sturdy case you get Speedy balls which with a diameter of 98 mm are a good size with focus on throwing and reception technique.

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