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Active Gaming

Playfinity is the world first system for Active Gaming to gamify any activity.

The Smart activity tracker is the core of the gaming experience. It measures what you do, how you do it and submit information for the game on your mobile. The game calculates points and creates sound effects depending on what you do.

Active Gaming brings the best of the game world along with outdoor games and sports, where

  • It inspires you to be active
  • The goal is to have fun
  • It's best when you're together with friends


With JumpGames from North Trampoline, you turn your trampoline into an outdoor gaming destination. Play alone, with your friends or challenge yourself against the world as you level up and improve your score.

No setup required, just strap the award winning activity tracker from Playfinity around your leg, press the button, jump and you are in the game.

It’s all in the sound! Awesome sound effects, commentary and music will get you jumping like never before. It's like being inside a game, but being outside in the real world. Jumping without sound will never be the same.

Every jump counts, so get ready to experience your trampoline like never before!

SmartBall™ games

The High5 game opens a new world of ball games.

The SmartBall records speed, height, power, throws and catches. This is combined in various ways in many fun and active games. All games in the app are free. In addition to the included games, you can build your own games in the game builder.

SmartBall™ TrickGames

Turn ball trickery into a challenging digital game with the Trix app.

Compete in various trick games, practice ball control, get points, film and challenge friends.

Choose a game, connect your Smart activity tracker to your mobile, and experience a whole new world of ball tricks.

To use the app, you need the Playfinity Smart activity tracker and one of the three balls Speedy, Bouncy, or Squeezey. The Speedy Ball is recommended for football trick games

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