The Playfinity Experience

Playfinity collaborates with the sports community to make core skill training fun for all

Coaches Team Solution

Our solution for coaches enables 6 gaming-baseballs to be used simultaneously across core skills exercises. Weight and feel is like ordinary baseball

Team Training App

Exercises are turned into games the players can become good at, with live feedback to players and progression feedback to the coach

Coaching Method

Playfinity have developed a coaching methodology which focuses on both individual and player motivation. The players are engaged in their own development

Improving skills at all levels

“I saw the girls with the lowest skill level experiencing the greatest sense of mastery,
so it was very surprising and positive”

Girls (12-years) team coach

Track player and team improvement round for round.

The most game like experience

“Playfinity is unique because it brings a focus and intensity to all the players, that I have never seen outside playing a match, and the kids love it, they are having fun"

Sander Sagosen -THW Kiel